Valentine’s Day 2017

So yesterday was Valentine’s Day and to be honest, it sucked. Like it always does. I love Love but Love doesn’t seem to love me lol. It’s the sad truth.

The conclusion I have come to is that some people are just meant to be forever alone so that the love energy in the world is level. Even though I told myself to stay away from social media as much as I could yesterday, the few times I scrolled through Instagram there were a HEAP LOAD of posts about self love and how we need to love ourselves first before anyone can love us which was obviously directed at us singletons in an attempt to make us feel better.

But what I don’t understand is how do I come to or how to get to this state of ‘self-love’. You can read plenty of self love books and still not love yourself. You could go to self love seminars and come out loving yourself just for that day and then you’re back at square one the next day. I know many will say that you have to make the conscious decision to love yourself but it’s hard and that’s me speaking for myself here. Maybe others can make that decision and put it into action straight away but I can’t. I feel like it is because I have known this feeling for far too long that it is basically a part of me and so I am used to it. It’s probably going to take me A LOT to come out of this feeling but who knows maybe this time next year it’ll be different *says me to myself every Valentine’s Day* haha.


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