my first time.


**life update: heeeeeeyyyyy! I know I said two posts a month which was non-existent for the month of May 2017 but I’m back now. The whole two years and eight months of my degree was nothing compared to the last month and a half of it. But thank God, it’s finished now. My last exam was on 9th June and it feels great for it all to be over. Everyone has been saying that I don’t look stressed anymore and that’s a plus (even though I didn’t know I looked stressed in the first place lol).

I write this as I take some alone time in Leeds where I decided to get a tattoo while I’m at it. It is nothing too crazy but I still can’t believe I did it. It was just a thought but now it’s reality and I love it. Anyways, hope you are all well and now…. on to the ACTUAL post.



August Alsina.

KOKO London.

Tuesday 14th June 2016, 7PM GMT.
Exactly one year later and I’m reminiscing on my very first concert and certainly not my last. For years, days and hours I had dreamed of attending a concert and that day definitely came with way more than I expected.

I’ve always been that person who dreams or thinks big things but when it comes to actually doing it, I falter then end up not doing it; adding it to my pile of ‘not-gonna-happens’. But the day that I bought my ticket, I surprised myself and pulled a ‘not-gonna-happen’ from my very heavy pile and actually made it happen. As the day got closer to attending, I was regretting it. One, I’m going by myself and two, I was going to an actual concert, by myself. Need I say the third reason why I was regretting it?

I went by myself because I didn’t really have anyone I could have asked, as I’m sure is already obvious from my previous posts. But I can not lie, it was scary as hell standing in the line waiting to go in. All the other girls were there, either with their man or with their girls, dressed to the damn nines while I was there in my top and jeans. I did try my best with my make up so no insecurities there! even though I wasn’t contoured to the gods like the next girl.

I remember when I finally got in, I brought out my printed ticket from my bag. I even had it in the clear plastic wallet so I wouldn’t get it stained or rumpled. (I probably sound like a joke at this stage but I don’t care, I got to see one of my dream guys, dream bae, one of my favourite singers, my #mce, hear that New Orleans drawl straight from his mouth to my ears and yeah, you get the picture). The ticket guy scanned my ticket and just threw it into a black bin bag beside him and moved onto the next person. I actually wanted to keep the ticket as memorabilia but of course, I didn’t have the nerves to go back and ask him for it. Not to talk of the fact that by the time I had turned back around, he had scanned about 10 people already so my ticket was well and truly gone. But what did the ticket guy care, I was just another person to him after being probably 5 hours into his shift, not knowing the importance it held to me.

I went into the main part of KOKO which lead me to the upstairs standing balcony part and of course, people had already taken their positions and so I could barely see the stage. But I could see that the downstairs part was practically empty so since I was already in the element of surprising myself, I went downstairs regardless of the fact that I didn’t know if my ticket was limited to the balcony part and that I was there by myself so I would be down there like a loner but in that moment, I didn’t care. I just wanted to see August Alsina up close. I made it to the front and right in front of the stage!… but I was literally sitting inside the speaker which rattled my brain but hey, mama I made it! I got there really early and as the crowd was building, the time was getting nearer.

The opening act; ASHA was quite good but you know how it is with the smaller artists, no one is actually here to see them so people were chanting for August, not knowing that he was actually running late until he posted a video on his Snapchat, a few minutes before he was due to perform*major side eye*. His DJ, DJ Era was also playing some good songs to bide August more time.

But when he did finally arrive… man oh man! I was actually starstruck. Not screaming like a tween but starstruck inside that I was ACTUALLY here, by MYSELF, seeing AUGUST damn fine ALSINA. Life could get no better at that point lol. He played all the popular songs from this first album; Testimony but nothing from TTCL – This Thing Called Life even though I already knew all the songs *snap snap*

One thing that will forever stick out to me about that day was that I was standing next to people who had paid whatever amount more than me for their ticket and one girl, a few years younger than me who had come to the concert with her group of friends, who started talking to me. I didn’t mind so we started talking during the break. As expected, we talked about August then she hit me with the dreaded question, she asked if I came with anyone and when I told her no, she had a shocked look on her face before telling me “You’re so brave. I couldn’t come here by myself”. It actually made me even more proud of myself and regret did not live here no mo’! Okay, that’s two things but who’s counting?
I just want to thank August Alsina for an amazing night (even though he decided to leave when I was the third person in line to get a picture with him *another side eye* jokes, I know that I’ll see him again though), for the amazing music and for giving me my first time.


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If you made it this far, why not take a listen to my acapella cover and leave a comment? You might want to skip to 01:11, listening to the beginning is a bit cringe, sorry. Listen to: thinkaholic96 August Alsina MAMA acapella cover . I’ve been non-existent over there too but now university is over, I’ll bring it back to life soon.

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