the spirit of forgetfulness.

With technology taking over our lives more and more each day, who can forget anything?  We can input important dates or events into a calendar app on our phones that’ll remind us when and where they are, we can save the coordinates of locations of places that we didn’t have enough time to explore but want to, at a later time, profile pictures are now the norm with name and numbers on most instant messaging apps so we don’t enter a real life awkward situation of forgetting names, we can even now look into our fridges and freezers straight from the supermarket aisle so we don’t double buy things we already have.

But yet somehow, we still forget stuff. Most of us now rely on technology so much that our brains are just half idle lumps of matter sitting in our skulls.

But the main reason for this post is that the spirit of forgetfulness seems to follow me everywhere. Yeah, I raise my hands up and say I don’t get my full amount of omega 3 so I forget quite a bit too. Shoot me, I’m human too but feeding off of my last post ‘it’s the little things.‘ people seem to forget me all the time. Let me give you an example.

When I was last in the US, my own uncle (through marriage, don’t know if that makes any difference though) didn’t even recognise me even though I had seen him the previous year when I travelled to the US as well and even stayed at his house for a section of my trip. Out of manners and half excitement, I ran up to him, greeted him and I got the most blank look and generic greeting back. I was searching his eyes and he really didn’t remember who I was. I was internally shocked and walked away with my sunken heart. It was about an hour into the family event, where he came back to me and said I looked completely different hence why he didn’t recognise me. He also added that he doesn’t really remember women when they change their hairstyles unless it’s his wife so I politely laughed it off with him but inside I knew I didn’t look that different and I was quite offended. That made me think back to all the times where I had to remind people of my name at interviews, events and other gatherings at least twice within half an hour.

But all this is counteracted by the few times I am remembered, like when I see my old secondary school classmates around the area in which I live and they’re the ones calling my name out for a change. It’s things like that, that make me happy again because at least I know it can’t ALL be me. I’m so used to being forgotten that it always strikes me when I hear my name on the street and I have a ‘unique’ Nigerian name so it’s never a case of mistaken identity.

Anyway I pray that I can shake this spirit of forgetfulness off of me and soon-ish too. My proper adulting period of life is coming up and networking needs to be done and for that to work, people need to remember my face at least, even if they don’t remember my name.

Any suggestions into how to become memorable are welcomed in the comments 😇. Or is it just a thing that you either have or you don’t? Be sure to let me know what you think below.

Anyways, suggestions are still welcome. Nothing too drastic though e.g. making a trip to Dr Miami and asking for a Kardashian makeover.

Stay blessed and I’ll see you in the next post.


Thoughts of a Thinkaholic xo