happy birthday to me.

Today is my 21st birthday and I seriously only have God to thank for bringing me this far.

I didn’t have the obligatory ‘2’ and ‘1’ balloons or a crazy night that I won’t remember (even though I wish I had, lol) but I thank God all the same.

I look back on the years of my life and I wish so much was different but hey, I can’t do anything about that but look to the ¬†future. I hope in 21 more years of my life I can look back and say that this is when my life truly began, feeling a release from all that I feel tied down to; physically and mentally.

I pray that God continues to guide me, provide the mental strength I need for whatever is forthcoming in my life, good health, love and success into whatever I venture into.



Thoughts of a Thinkaholic xo

p.s. I just found out my final exam of my final year is on the 9th June 2017 ūüéČ I’m so excited but scared at the same time. For the first time in over 17 years, no more education = no more structured life.


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